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The Azuraa Story

Azuraa Insights was born out of a desire to give voice to the Asian American consumer in an authentic way.  To do this requires empathy - for how can one fully understand the Asian American mindset without walking in their shoes?  Who better than Asian American researchers to dive deeply into the richness and diversity of Asian American culture and values that impacts their behavior?


While a seemingly straightforward proposition, it turns out that there are very, very few Asian American qualitative practioners. Our founder and CEO, Siddharth Gopinath, happens to be one of them. 

He resolved to address the challenge because he has witnessed how organizations who work with incomplete or assumed insights into the Asian American consumer fall short in the marketplace. Siddharth has significant experience in both the art and science of generating insights as well as in their application, leading him to always drive to the, "So what?" of an insight.  He has developed this expertise over the 25+ years he has spent in market research and marketing organizations, including Ipsos, General Mills, and Reckitt.


Like many Asian Americans, Siddharth has a diverse background.  He was born in the UK to Indian parents, grew up in Canada, and has spent most of his working life in the United States.  While most of his early schooling was in Canada, he completed his junior and senior years of high school in India.  He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

The Azuraa Name

The name azuraa or azur asian american insights carries a couple of different meanings. 


Azur refers to the color of a clear blue sky and represents the depth of understanding and clarity we are committed to delivering to our clients. 

Additionally, the letters Az - u - r  or “as you are” capture the authentic approach we take to ensure we are delivering insights that are reflective of who Asian Americans really are.

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