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Underscoring the rich cultural heritage that each Asian country or region has contributed to the United States, we know that even within each culture, there can be significant differences based on generation. 

For instance, those who have been educated

primarily outside of the US may be more

comfortable speaking their native language.

We are a full-service strategy and qualitative research consultancy.  Each research challenge is unique and requires a fully customized solution.  We use a variety of methodologies to meet the objective, including in-depth interviews (remote and in-person), ethnographies (remote and in-person), online bulletin boards, communities, and focus groups (remote and in-person).  We conduct research with a variety of audiences including B2B, and all types of consumer audiences.

We believe that our approach of conducting Asian American research by Asian Americans gives us a distinct advantage because we are immersed in the many nuances that define this population.

We understand that “Asian American” is an umbrella term that captures many distinct cultures and that a “one-size-fits-all” approach has its limitations.  In other words, we advocate that the “Asian American” consumer be broken down into its component subgroups to attain full understanding.

Happy Woman

Reflecting this, our moderators are part of the cultures we study and are able to engage with respondents as one of them in their preferred language (either their native language or in English).  This ensures that the subtlety of body language, facial expression and nuances in language are captured fully.


When it comes to B2B respondents (small to medium-size business owners, healthcare providers, lawyers, engineers, educators, IT decision-makers, C-Suite, etc.) and conversations about their work, we find that what is most effective in creating mutual trust has more to do with a shared professional background.  As such, we often use specialist B2B moderators.

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Implicit in all of the above is the ability to effectively recruit the diversity of respondents that exist under the Asian American umbrella.  Azuraa Insights has experienced project managers who tap into several sources for this purpose, including community-based organizations, specialist panel providers, and social media.

We Use Principles of Behavioral Science and Psychology to Ensure Authenticity

Azuraa Insights delves deep into the Asian American mindset by leveraging important principles of psychology and behavioral science. A sampling of those principles that we find are especially useful are described below.


A way we use to establish rapport and build trust by referencing relevant and culturally specific personal characteristics. An example is to share perspectives or emotions related to a family situation that is rooted in Asian American values.

Lantern Festival

Partial Identification

A way we use to create empathy by emphasizing common external cultural interests.  An example would be to discuss a recent event that is specific to a particular Asian American culture (e.g. music, festivals, movies).

Blessing the Food

Motivational Styles

Our motivations heavily influence our behavior and the decisions we make.  Motivations amongst Asian Americans can often be influenced by a collectivist mentality, including a desire to maintain harmony. This can lead to decisions that prioritize the needs of the group over those of the individual.  We see such styles at play quite frequently and use our understanding of them to get under the surface.

Friends Enjoying Outdoors

Context & Social Environment Cues

While we like to think our decisions are rational, many of us are influenced by our environments.  Asian Americans often operate in situations that are unique to their culture and may navigate them with a heightened awareness of their identity and its potential impact on outcomes. We have a deep understanding of different Asian cultures and leverage that knowledge to put experiences and comments in perspective.

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