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Over the years, Siddharth has enjoyed informally sharing his experiences and insights into organizational dynamics with Asian American business professionals and students.  He has found that there is a commonality in the key challenges that they face and that they are not very different than what he has dealt with in the course of his 25+ year career. 

Some examples of the types of questions that often come up in discussion are:

"I find it challenging to speak up in meetings.  I get feedback that I am not contributing.  How can I change that?"

"I’m not used to taking credit for work I’ve done or for the accomplishments of teams that I have led.  This is impacting how I am perceived in my organization.  How do I address this?"

"I am part of a mentorship program at work, but I don’t feel it is as effective as the informal network that some of my colleagues seem to benefit from.  How do I tap into that?"

In Siddharth’s experience, some Asian Americans have been taught to behave in ways that may limit their effectiveness or influence in certain environments.  He is a strong believer in sharing lessons he has learned and helping come up with strategies to overcome hurdles.


If you would like to connect with Siddharth on a professional challenge you are facing, feel free to share your contact information here. Siddharth is happy to discuss on a pro bono basis.

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